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As a special program within Pomona High School, PAH is open to students from throughout Jeffco who seek a creative, hands-on learning environment that engages the talents of young artists and their ambitions for learning at the highest possible levels in a diverse environment.

Participating in the PAH Vocal Music Program is so much more than singing in one of our many choral ensembles.  It is participating in our arts community at Pomona, as well as in the Denver Metro Area.  Students in Vocal PAH are required to perform outside of their choral ensemble, participate in arts community events and seek out other opportunities to grow as an artist and musician.  Each year students are in the program , they are given more opportunites to develop themselves as an artist.  Their time in Vocal PAH culminates with a Senior Capstone that encompasses their growth as an artist during their journey at Pomona.  

We are excited to offer such a challenging and engaging program here at Pomona High School. Please click on the drop down menu above to go to the PAH Vocal Music requirements page.

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