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Choir Council

Choir Council is the student leadership team for the choir department.  Students in the Choir Council are section leaders in their respective classes and represent all choir students at council meetings.  Students must apply and be chosen by the directors to serve on the council and membership is only through the current school year.  Meeting take place the second Monday of every month from 2:45-3:15 in the choir room. Other meetings may be called as needed.

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Section Leaders/Choir Council!  

Chorale:  Mandy Billups, Sopranos; Audrey Hollar, Altos; Ben Saprano, Tenors; James Park, Basses
Sounds: Sofija Heintzleman, Sopranos; Johannah Johnston, Altos; Jacob Vigil, Tenors; Gunner Hager, Basses
Melodia: Madysen Lee Soprano 1; Bronte Gallegos Soprano 2; Ally Gould, Altos
Vocalise: Shelby Billups, Soprano 1; Sydne James and Cassidy Marshall, Soprano 2; Sydney Harper, Altos
Concert Choir: Ileah Greenlees and Kayliegh Khavari, Sopranos; Destiny Newsome and Nicole Allen, Altos; Jacob Fanning, Baritones
Men's Chorus: OPEN, Tenors; OPEN Basses