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Hi! My name is Mike Mendoza and I am a Social Studies teacher at Golden High School. I currently teach AP Human Geography, World Geography, and Sociology. I also co-lead a Senior Seminar trip to the Desert Southwest and am involved in the Junior Rafting program. 

I am married (Terri) and have a son (Aidan) and a daughter (Kaylea) who are both students in Jefferson County. 

My goal as a teacher is to provide students' with the necessary tools and the desire to become lifelong learners that are actively involved in their community. I believe strongly in student-centered education that makes the students responsible for their education and for their learning. Social Studies is a fascinating subject because it is tangible - we see it in action every day! I want to try and show my students that they are a part of this world and that they can make a difference in this world!

My Class schedule is as follows:
Block 1 - World Geography (Room 201)

Block 2 - World Geography (Room 201)

Block 3 - Planning (Room 201/214)

Block 4 - AP Human Geography (Room 201)

Block 5 - Learning Lab (LMC)

Block 6 - AP Human Geography (Room 201)

Block 7 - AP Human Geography (Room 201)