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About Me

Education: Erelene Christensen, a skilled & inspiring teacher at Hilltop High School (Chula Vista, CA) helped me first want to use my intellect and heart for more than praise & recognition. Great teachers at UC Santa Cruz and Trinity College, Dublin, trained me in Greek, Latin, history, & literary analysis, allowing me to excel in the study of Classical Antiquity. The erudite faculty of Brown University equipped & encouraged me to teach and publish. Along the way many peers have contributed greatly to my growth.

Engagement: In addition to teaching Latin at D'Evelyn since 1997, I have served as Foreign Language Dept. Manager since 2006. I have been the sponsor of numerous student clubs. From 2009-2012 I served as a Director of the D'Evelyn Education Foundation. In June of 2018 I ended my second 3-year term on the Steering Committee.


Vice President of the Colorado Classics Association, 2018-present

Co-President of the Colorado Classics Association, 2014-2016

UNC Outstanding World Language Teacher Award- 2012

Jamin B. Wilson Excellence in Education Award- 2009

Boettcher Foundation Teacher Recognition Award- 2001

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About Latin Club

Latin Club is full of fun and worthwhile activities and service activities. Don't forget to register for the club here , then bring your dues. Remember that you can always see the club calendar here!

Why Latin at D'Evelyn is a Prime Choice

Choosing a language? Find some info on the time-tested choice, Latin, here. Considering the upgrade to Latin 4 or AP? Check out this fact sheet.

Points of pride- See the links below for summaries of recent student performance on national exams:

2017 National Latin Exam Results

2017 AP Latin Results

AP Latin Performance Data 2013-2016

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Contact Information

Office Hours: 7-7:30 AM & 2:30-2:45 PM


Cellular Phone: 720.839.9099

Voice Mail: 303.982.5762

Daily Class Schedule

Period 1: Latin 3

Period 2: Latin 4 & AP

Period 3: Latin 1

Period 4: PLAN


Period 5: Latin 2

Period 6: Latin 1

7th Hour: Tutoring & Make-Up (M-Th), Latin Club (F)

Need Help?

Tutoring is available from me during Office Hours and 7th hour. For other options, click the link below:

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