Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is a fun and super-healthy way to meet people, and many players are just beginning their careers in the sport (unlike other high school sports where the best players have been playing for years).  

Altitude Youth Ultimate is a local non-profit which organizes and promotes the sport.  Lots of resources are available at AltitudeYouthUltimate.org.  USA Ultimate (usaultimate.org) is the national governing body, which hosts State Championship tournaments in the fall and spring.

See the latest developments for our Open School teams current schedule under "Current Season"

JCOS discs are in!  Contact Phil or a team member to purchase one for $10.


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All Open School players need to give to Phil a completed Medical Authorization and Waiver, signed by their parent or guardian.

In addition, players must be current members of USA Ultimate AND on our team's official team and event roster to play in the State Championships.  This annual USAU membership also allows you to participate in the Denver/Boulder Youth Summer League, clinics, camps and other USAU events. 

This is a multi-step process.  For new members:
Step 1:  Become a USA Ultimate member. This costs $31 for the entire year or $17.50 for a first-time member through the end of the year.
Step 2:  Complete your on-line USA Ultimate liability waiver.  You do this on the USAUltimate site once you have logged on to the Membership page.
Step 3:  Provide Phil your USAU membership number.  This allows us to add your name to our school's team and the event roster. Once you've been added, complete Step 4.
Step 4:  Log-in to your member account, go to Actions/Notifications, and confirm you are on our team.

Existing members must log in to your account and confirm your membership and waiver are current, and re-confirm that you are still on our roster.