Sarah Patterson

    e-mail: sapatter@jeffco.k12.co.us


               Daily Schedule

    8:50    Opening Activities - Skill Work

    9:00    STEM - Patterson 

    9:50    AMP - Art/Music/Phy.Ed       

  10:35    STEM - Patterson

  11:50    Recess

  12:15    Lunch

  12:35    STEM - Patterson

    1:00    Humanities - Bianchi

    3:15    Closing activities - Homeroom 

    3:30    Dismissal           

Welcome to the 4th Grade

Space Poster assignment has been delayed. Details of the assignment will be given soon.


Moon Observations - two descriptions using the template that came home last week. Do at least one before break. Start observing the location and observable shape of the moon. Record the date and time of observations as per the template. 

Unit 3 Math tests - please fix errors, have parents check and sign tests, and return by Monday, December 7. Think Central test retake will be open soon.

Math test - Unit 4 - next week Thursday Properties and algebraic notation, situation and solution equations, drawings and visual representations of problems, equations using variables, solving multi-step word problems, additive or mutliplicative comparison, prime or composite, identify rule of number and shape patterns

Monday: Math H and R Pgs. 99, 100

Practice multiplication and division nightly. (2 digit by 2 digit and 4 digit divided by 1 digit)

Tuesday: Math H and R Pgs. 101, 102.  Write the equation with a variable. 

Wednesday: Math H and R 103, 104.

Thursday:  Math - practice multiplication and division.

Friday: Math Hand R Pgs. 105, 106. 

Preparing Students

In order to prepare students for the tasks that will unveil themselves in the future I combine the research from Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and our District CAP documents for planning class activities. The fourth grade team works together to encourage students to be curious and ask questions. We will work on developing the skills necessary to answer these questions, as students take into account the ramifications of their proposals across subject/discipline linesEqually important, the students will learn to make models and use evidence to support their conjectures. Crosscutting concepts that are fundamental to understanding our world from a scientific or humanitarian viewpoint are also being addressed. These includes concepts such as patterns, and patterns used to sort things as in classifications, cause and effect, as in our experiments or historical events, adaptation, scale, interconnection or systems.  These fundamentals are necessary for the students to really grasp the deeper meanings and to be able to interpret and argue their interpretations using evidence, models, and reliable sources.   


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