Main Library

It is the mission of the Patterson International Library, which is part of Jefferson County Public Schools, to provide an environment where students have the opportunity to enjoy literacy while becoming efficient and effective users of information and technology. 

What are Mr. Livingston's goals for Patterson International around

Information, Communication, and Technology for the next two years? Click here to find out.

Ms. Nutting's fifth grade class has been working on anti-bullying posters.
Students used Pixie to create their posters.  They then turned them into digital
pictures and emailed them to Mr. Livingston.  He then put them on Animoto.  Enjoy!

This is our online catalog.  Students may look up resources that we
own in our library.

Brain Break? 
 Click here!

YPP at Home allows teachers to assign exercises and assessments for students to do outside of school.

Username: patterson
Password:  patt

Using the Library
This link shows students how the library functions 
and how they can use it more efficiently.

This link will give you access to many different student friendly news broadcasts and magazines.

Arapahoe Libraries offer great online reading to children.
Check out TumbleBooks.

Patterson's Poetry Corner
Check out poems created by students at Patterson

Short Stories
5th Grade Short Story eBooks
Click on the icon above to read short story eBooks created by Ms. Merluzzi's class.  Look for more student writing in the future.

No, this is not APA or MLA, but students are beginning to look for what is important when citing a source they use when communicating thoughts.

This is another version of our online catalog.  This version has more search capabilities, but is more difficult for younger students to use.

Follett Shelf
Follett Shelf is our new eBook website.  
Username: patterson
password: patt

A new way to learn through online conversations.
Coming soon!

Springo Kids
A visual search engine made for kids.

TimeToast Timeline allows students to create electronic timelines.
Book talks about books in our library

Use this link to access many different student friendly
online reading websites.

Online games to play
Here are some online safe games to play.  Try them out.

How To...Tutorials on how to do technology skills
 Tutorials on how to do certain things on different software.

 Student Login page 
for Jeffco Students
(YPP, Acuity, Google Apps,
Schoology, Password Reset, etc.)

Click here to learn about being smart online.

Here is a link to the Jefferson County Public Library site.  If a students cannot find a resource in our library, have them try looking it up and getting it from the public library.

Jeffco Google Apps is the site where students have access to their educational Google Apps.  All students are able to use it.  Ask students how to access their accounts to view their work.

Brain Pop Jr.
Brain Pop Jr. provides videos and activities for
K-3 students that deal with different subjects.
username: pattersonint
password: patt

Brain Pop
Brain Pop provides videos and activities for different subjects.   
username: pattersonint
password: patt

Educreations allows students to create and listen to lessons
about many different topics.

Using Technology is a section for links that allow you to use web 2.0 tools to create projects.  Have a try.

This link will send you to different math
websites to support student learning.

Choir link for Mr. Even