Attention!! Boys, Girls, Ladies and Gentleman of Parr Nation; I want to say congratulations on another excellent Jump Rope for Heart celebration last month.  We had over 20 Parr students actively raise $1,100.00 in donations for the American Heart Association.  Great job being a Heart Hero boys and girls! 

   Don't forget to try your best during our next Physical Education unit which is Basketball.  During this unit the children will develop various P.E. skills such as Hand-eye coordination, Agility, Body Control and Teamwork while playing/practicing modified basketball games.  Students will learn how Basketball can make us healthier and happier.  So let's celebrate March Madness by hoopin it up in P.E. class.  Remember, if you had fun you won!  Below are the modified Basketball games and activities for this unit:

                                                                    1).  Dribbling drills
                                                                    2).  Chest and Bounce Passes
                                                                    3).  Shooting and Lay-ups
                                                                    4).  The Jump Stop Game
                                                                    5).  Around the World
                                                                    6).  Knockout
                                                                    7).  Football-Basketball
                                                                    8).  Half Court
Mr. Barker
Other P.E. Updates

* Post Fitness testing this trimester. (Fitness data is in students Electronic Fitness Folder)

** Don't forget my friends...FIELD DAY is on Friday, May 13, 2016.

*** The students are also working on memorizing the 3 phases of their P.E. warm-up.