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Biography Project

Dear 4th Grade Students and Parents,

We have begun our Colorado unit of study this year. This is always a unit that is enjoyed by all. An integral part of the unit is to study the groups, people, and places that made Colorado what it is today. This month we will be studying historically famous Colorado people, through their biographies. Each student will choose a person and complete a report on them. There are 4 parts to this project:

First, students will pick out a person from the Jeffco approved list. While reading, students should take notes using the assigned graphic organizer. In-class reading and note taking time will be provided.

Second, students will create a model of their famous Colorado person. **See pictures below. BE AS CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE!

Third, students spend time writing their papers in class.

Finally, students may dress as their famous Colorado person and present their project to the class on March 9th and 10th. Your presentation should stay within the 3 minute time allotment.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Ms. Fitz, Mrs. Vilchuck & Mrs. G

Project Ideas

Due: Thursday, March 13th