Brainwise Overview

 Hello Parents/Guardians.

 My name is Jenn Downey and I work for Jefferson Center for Mental Health. I am a Prevention Specialist who goes into the classroom to teach critical thinking, good communication and choice making skills. I do this using a researched curriculum called BrainWise.

 BrainWise uses “catchy” language and fun activities to re-enforce the 10 WiseWays. 

Throughout the school year we will address each of these Wiseways. This information will be added below as we address each lesson.  

For more information, visit the Brainwise website:

 Wise Way #1: Wizard Brain over Lizard Brain

In order to stop and think, 
thinking skills must be learned 
to engage the section of the brain where problems are assessed and analyzed before responding. 
Otherwise, the reptilian or "lizard" part of the brain – the section housing emotions 
and the fight or flight response – takes over, triggering impulsive, non-thinking responses.
(This video is very quiet... You may need to turn the volume up.) 
 Wise Way #2: Build a Constellation of Support

Awareness of people and what resources to go to for help involves knowing how to evaluate the type of help you need and identifying the best place to get it. This includes learning how to recognize people who will help you succeed, and understanding why people close to you may not be able to give you the support you need.
   Wise Way #3: Recognize Red Flag Warnings
   Wise Way #4: Exit the Emotions Elevator
   Wise Way #5: Separate Fact from Opinion
   Wise Way #6: Ask Questions to Gather Information
   Wise Way #7: IDentify your Choices (IDC)
   Wise Way #8: Consider Consequences
   Wise Way #9: Set Goals and Plan for Action
   Wise Way #10: Communicate Effectively