Classes Taught and Schedule-

World Geography , Advanced Placement Human Geography, LINK Crew
Block 1- AP Human Geography 202
Block 2- Link 202
Block 3- Geography 202
Block 4- Geography 202
Block 5- Geography 202
Block 6- Planning 202
Block 7- AP Human Geography 202

Email is the best way to reach me, I check it multiple times through out the day and will reply as soon as possible:

Voicemail, you can expect a response within 2 school days- 303-982-4244

Course Website
Please log on to Google Classroom for the syllabus, all class information, daily activities, materials, and assignments. Parents, if you are unfamiliar with Classroom, it is an interactive online learning environment that can allow you to see what your child is learning, make resources available to them from anywhere, and help keep them accountable. Also since many teachers use this as a tool, it keeps information and assignments for several classes in one place.