Staff Contact List

Below is the Staff Contact list.  It includes each staff member's school voicemail number, email,  website information and class calendars.

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NameGradeEmail Phone NumberWebsiteClass Website
NameGradeEmail Phone NumberWebsiteClass Website
Arleth, Matt Team 7-2 Social Studies 303-982-0124 Team 7-2 Website Mr. Arleth's Website 
Beck, Kevin Band and Orchestra 303-982-6145   
Beesley, Gordon  School Resource Officer (SRO) 303-982-2008   
Borden, Courtney Spanish 303-982-2015   
Bruemmer, Joy Team 7-2 English Language Arts 303-982-2005 Team 7-2 Website Mrs. Bruemmer's Website 
Bult, Traci Kitchen Manager 303-982-2022   
Cavaleri, Lori Team 8-2 English Language Arts 303-982-9811 Team 8-2 Website 8th Grade ELA Website 
Conner, Brian Assistant Principal 303-982-9645   
Copper, Terry  Multimedia/Computer Education 303-982-2026 Mr. Copper's Website  
Cornejo, Chris Team 7-1 Science 303-982-1475 Team 7-1 Website  
Crawford, Andrew Team 8-1 Math 303-982-2032 Mr. Crawford's Website  
Detweiler, Ken Team 7-1 Social Studies 303-982-2037 Team 7-1 Website Mr. D.'s Website 
Eicher, Izzy Team 7-1 Math 303-982-2016 Team 7-1 Website Mrs. Eicher's Website 
Ellis, Kristen Art 303-982-2030 Ms. Ellis's Website  
Elston, Melissa Financial Secretary 303-982-2049   
Ertelt, Tobye Digital Teacher Librarian 303-982-8296 Libratory Website  
Gerber, Ashley Team 7-1 English Language Arts 303-982-2044 Team 7-1 Website Ms. Gerber's Website 
Graham, Chris Team 7-2 English Language Arts 303-982-2060 Team 7-2 Website Ms. Graham's Website 
Gregoire, Tina Team 8-2 Social Studies 303-982-1996 Team 8-2 Website Mrs. Gregoire's Website 
Hendricks, Angie Team 7-2 Math  Team 7-2 Website Mrs. Hendrick's Website 
Hershelman, Alyson Team 7-1 English Language Arts 303-982-2025 Team 7-1 Website Mrs. Hershelman's Website 
Kelly, Cady Art 303-982-2038 Mrs. Kelly's Website  
Kotas, Kathryn Team 8-2 Science  Team 8-2 Website  
Leebrick, Jill Clinic Aide 303-982-2052   
Leonard, Sarah Attendance Paraprofessional 303-982-2028   
Loftus, Becky Spanish 303-982-3191 Mrs. Loftus' Website  
Mauler, Elizabeth Spec. Ed 303-982-6219   
McGrath, Michelle SELS 303-982-2336   
Moore, Karin ESL 303-982-2017   
Muretta, Megan Team 7-2 Science 303-982-4373 Team 7-2 Website Ms. Muretta's Website 
Peña, Tara Principal 303-982-6133   
Perry, Melinda  Social Worker 303-982-9448 Student Services  
Quinn, Julie Team 8-1 English Language Arts 303-982-2062 Team 8-1 Website Ms. Quinn's Website 
Ramsay, Scott Team 8-2 Math 303-982-0409 Team 8-2 Website Mr. Ramsey's Website 
Ross, Lori Speech/Language 303-216-6112   
Rowland, Brandon Assistant Principal 303-982-2004   
Rumsey, Paula Instructional Coach 303-982-8390   
Ruppert, David Counselor 303-982-3135 Student Services  
Ryer, Mariko Team 8-1 Science 303-982-2014 Team 8-1 Website  
Shellhorn, Gay Team 8-2 English Language Arts 303-982-9151 Team 8-2 Website 8th Grade ELA Website 
Talley, Mackenzie Vocal Music 303-982-8963 Ms. Talley's Website  
Trahant, Chris Team 8-1 Social Studies 303-982-2042 Team 8-1 Website  
Turecek, Bobbie Principal's Secretary 303-982-0534   
Voth, Trudi Spec Ed. Language Arts 303-982-2029   
Waalkes, Peter  Tech Ed. 303-982-2054   
Walterbach, Diane  Math Interventions 303-982-2057 Mrs. Walterbach's Website  
Yacobucci, Ann Marie Counselor 303-982-2001 Student Services  
Zott, Trevor P.E. 303-982-2031   
Showing 48 items