About Our School

Oberon's History 

The name for the school originated with Oberon Land Company, which in 1903 filed the first plotting for the town of Oberon near Denver, Colorado on the line of the Northwestern Railroad Company.

Oberon was dedicated as a junior high school in September 1965. A technical arts room was added in 1966. In 1978, the library media center was remodeled and enlarged. Two art rooms and a darkroom were completed in 1983.

In 1996, Oberon was changed from a junior high to a middle school. Ninth graders were moved to the high school and students were organized into teams with common teachers.

In 2004, a Jefferson County bond issue was approved by voters. In 2009, Oberon renovations were completed. 

Oberon's Guiding Statement

Oberon Middle School develops a supportive, innovative community of resilient learners.

Quick Facts About Oberon

School Report Card Rating High
Grade Levels 7 & 8
Typical Enrollment 580
Regular School Hours 7:25-2:15
School Colors Green and Gold
Mascot Viking
Special Programs Honors program, National Junior Honor Society, and after school clubs and activities
Foreign Languages Offered Spanish