Strategic Compensation

Jeffco is part of a large federal grant that is attempting to improve student achievement by piloting new ways of supporting and compensating teachers. North Arvada is one of twenty Jeffco schools in the pilot. This means that 

1.) we have more support in our building for our teachers, and 

2.) teachers who meet student achievement goals and have excellent evaluations can earn stipends. 

The extra support for our teachers includes:

  • Two master teachers, who provide professional development and one-on-one support for teachers.
  • Two mentor teachers, who provide model classrooms that other teachers can visit to observe best teaching practices. 
  • Release time for teachers, so that groups of teachers can have time together to analyze data, share classroom practices, and collaborate on planning lessons and assessments.
  • Two peer evaluators, who observe teachers, provide feedback, and write formal evaluations of teachers. (Every full time teacher will receive an evaluation every year during the pilot. Some teachers' evaluations are done by the principal or assistant principal, and some are done by a peer evaluator.)

Even great teachers can get better with the right support, so the goal is that, through the support of master and mentor teachers and peer evaluators, we can improve our instruction and in so doing, increase our students' achievement.

For more information about the Strategic Compensation grant, see the Strategic Compensation website