CREDIT: A completion grade of A, B, C or D, will earn credit

ATTENDANCE: You must attend at least 1 session per week (1.5 hours) at Arvada High School as well as log into Schoology at least 1 time per week in order to maintain your enrollment status.  Notify your teacher or the Director in the event that you cannot make a particular session.  After you miss 3 sessions without contacting the director or teacher, you will be removed from your class and your tuition cannot be refunded.

BEHAVIOR: Behavior and language that may be reasonably considered as abusive, disruptive or disrespectful will be grounds for dismissal from the program.  All behavior/discipline issues will be addressed according to the Jefferson County Public Schools Code of Conduct Handbook.

DRESS CODE: Students will dress in accordance with the Jefferson County Public Schools Conduct Code Handbook.  No headwear (hats/caps/beanies) is to be worn in the building.  Absolutely no gang-related apparel or manner of dress.

REFUNDS: Fees are required at the time of registration.  NO REFUNDS

You must meet with your counselor before enrolling in any credit recovery class and will assume full responsibility for selecting  courses which will fulfill graduation requirements.