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Welcome to the Language Arts Experience!
Ben Norby, 8th Grade Language Arts (preferred method of contact)
303-982-8918 (voicemail)

Please use the tabs directly above this page, to access Language Arts Calendars. These are "live" planning documents, which take about 20 seconds to load. Once your calendar document loads, please use the small "scroll down" bar in the document, to scroll down to daily plans and linked reading texts, assignments, and other documents.
Calendars include:
    * brief daily notes/summary of the lesson plan
    * blue links to many of the texts and other documents for students/parents 

Link to full Honors 8 Syllabus (hi-lite the link, right click and then "go to..."):

Link to full Language Arts 8 Syllabus (hi-lite the link, right click and then "go to..."):

Basic Supply List (to be kept in class):

1. a narrow 3-ring binder (about 1 inch wide) containing:

    * a spiral notebook

    * some loose-leaf paper

    * a “pencil bag” that can clip into your binder, with several pens, pencils, and hi-liters

2. an independent choice reading book (see below)

Curriculum Overview: Our year is built around eight “genre studies.” The genre studies are paired, so that each reading unit prepares students for the corresponding writing unit:

Quarter 1- Reading Literary Nonfiction and Fiction

    Writing a Memoir/Realistic Fiction

Quarter 2- Reading and Evaluating Different Perspectives and Opinions

        Writing a Personal Commentary or Position Paper

Quarter 3- Reading Profiles of People, Events, and Ideas

        Writing a Profile of an Individual, and Event, or an Idea

Quarter 4- Reading for Research that Addresses an Issue

     Writing an Argumentative Opinion Piece (on a cultural, scientific, historical, or technical issue)

Independent Choice Reading in Class-
"Independent" means "free choice of fiction and/or nonfiction books"
Several days a week, for the first 10 minutes of class, students will read their choice of books. Sometimes, students will use their books  to make connections to concepts and strategies that we're working on in language arts. Students may bring books from home, or check them out from our library. Also, I have a classroom library, where students can check out books.
"Goodreads" is a comprehensive resource for finding out about popular teen books/reading reviews written by teens. To open this link, hi-lite the address, then right click to bring up the "go to..." option:

Links we'll use later:

Persuasive Techniques Quiz: