Technology Repair and Warranty Information

The ECTS Computer Replacement & Repair Department provides hardware repair for district supported Laptops, Desktops, Chromebooks, and iPads that are out of warranty with the manufacturer. After the vendor warranty expires, the district’s Computer Repair team provides repairs for hardware failures with the exception of abuse. For more information on the warranty status of your device please visit the Computer and Device Information page.  

The ECTS Computer Replacement and Repair Department can be used for the following items:Non-Warranty Repairs (*School responsible for all non-warranty repair cost)

    • Broken or defective iPads (Broken screen, button/jack issues, etc.)
    • Out of warranty laptop, Chromebook, iPad or desktop repair
    • All repairs will be performed in house if possible
    • $60 per hour/billed in 15 minute increments per repair plus parts or actual cost of repair if vendor repair required
    • Mail in Vendor or Manufacturer repair may be required

* Schools will be billed for out of warranty repairs.  For all repairs over $50.00 the school/department will be provided a written estimate for approval prior to completion of the work

  • In Warranty Repairs
  • Desktop computers still under year 4 and 5 of district covered warranty
  • Parts delivery if you want to perform the repair yourself

  • iPad Repair Information

    • If you would like your iPad repaired by CPR - Cell Phone Repair (Littleton or Centennial) please call them at 303-948-1553, email or refer to their website.

    • If you would like your iPad repaired by Jeffco, please create a case in ESS.

    Chromebook Repair Information

    Windows Laptop/Desktop Repair Information

    AV Repair Service

    Outside vendors are used to repair items that require specialized diagnostic equipment or long periods of repair time. If you are unsure if your item needs to be sent off to repair or have questions regarding Audio/Video projects, repair, or warranty, please contact the Service Desk to enter a case 303-982-2200;
    • Depending on the item, the warranty time period and process varies. In most instances it is much more expeditious for the school to contact the manufacturer directly if the unit is under warranty.
    • For some items, the site based technology support person may be able to help determine if it is truly a unit failure instead of a connection error.

    Printer Repair Service

    The Vendors listed below are the only printer repair service providers contracted with the District.

    These Vendors have the appropriate insurance and background checks to perform services within the District.

    If a printer has information from another company located on the machine that is not listed below, that vendor is not authorized through a District contract to provide repair services. Please remove the information from the printer and call one of the companies provided below.

    Estimate of Repair: It is part of the contract that once the technician is on-site, before any repair is completed, the Vendor will provide a written estimate to the District staff member who placed the request for service/repair. The estimate must be signed before any work is completed

    If you have any questions, please contact Mike Craig at 982-2330 or E-mail:

    Pick-Up and Delivery Route

    For the convenience of the Departments and Schools, we offer pick-up and delivery for the following services:

    • Printed materials, produced by the District's Print Shop.
    • Computers/Printers & AV Equipment needing repair.
    • Jeffcat Books in need of cataloging.
    • Gestetner, Riso, Masters, Copier Toner/Ink supplies, and staples.

    Schools will receive pick-up or delivery once per week. Click Here for the Delivery Route Schedule. Deliveries to the Educational Center and Jeffcat will be provided as needed.

    Procedures for Pick-Up and Delivery

    To help streamline the equipment pick-up and delivery process, we ask that schools and departments go through the following procedures when requesting pick-up of equipment.

    Open a work order in ESS or by calling the Technology Support Center to have device looked at by a technician. If it is determined it may be able to be repaired completing this process will generate a pickup. 

    1. Have all equipment ready for pick-up and located in the front office or Library Information Center. Items should be labeled.
    2. Have form or white repair sticker, filled out with all information. This saves time and money.
      • Location in building
      • Serial number
      • School
      • Problem (MUST STATE; the more explicate the better)
      • Make
      • Model number
    3. Open a work order for each device and state whether or not there are any heavy units. (LARGE TVs , LAMINATORS, etc.)
    4. Have large TVs removed from wall or ceiling mounts and located in the front office or Library Information Center.
    5. All units must be ready for pick-up when driver arrives. Our driver is on a schedule and needs to maintain that schedule as close as possible

    Typical repair time is 1 to 2 weeks including pick-up and delivery times with the exception of IPAD screens. If the return is delayed due to parts ordering, etc., the site will be contacted by one of our staff members.

    For the recycling of surplus or obsolete equipment, please visit the Surplus Equipment Recycling page.

    If you have questions regarding Audio/Video projects, repair, or warranty, please contact the Service Desk to enter a case 303-982-2200 or call Codi Johnson at 303-982-1410,