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Membership dues are $15 for the year. This money goes towards National Membership, misc. supplies, snacks, etc. that we will have throughout the year.  
Members are required to attend all club meetings.  Absence approval is requested by submitting an excused absence form prior to the meeting to an officer or sponsor. Unexcused absences may jeopardize your membership.  You may have the opportunity to make up hours and reclaim NAHS membership status.
 All members will sign up for a committee at the beginning of the school year. Each committee will have a leader that assists in organizing the events. Hours spent planning, decorating, volunteering, etc. with your committee WILL count towards your 10 service hours.
During the course of a year, members MUST spend 10 hours of service in NAHS sponsored activities (ex. Committee work, 2 hours at Trick or Treat street, etc).
Members must be enrolled in 1 art class per year minimum for NAHS requirements. (Drawing/Painting, Portfolio, Ceramics, Jewelry, Digital Photography, Video)
Students must maintain a grade of B or higher in art class.
Students must maintain a grade of C or higher in all other classes.
  • Induction is typically held in April. By that time you must have met all requirements in order to be a qualified NAHS member.
A review by officers and sponsors will be conducted for any infractions of rules. If the individual in question is an officer, then he/she will not participate in the decision making process. This applies to community laws, school & chapter rules.

SENIORS: To graduate with honors and earn the privilege of wearing the NAHS cords and tassel, you must meet the following requirements:
Attend one art gallery or museum and write a full page reflection about your experience.  This paper is due after SPRING BREAK at the scheduled NAHS meeting.
Prior to graduation, students are reviewed based on their attendance, transcripts, and discipline records to ensure that requirements have been met, and that the integrity of NAHS is upheld. 
Cords may be an additional fee, depending on fundraising though out the year.

Courtney Dalton,
Aug 20, 2014, 8:50 AM