Music Notes by Mrs. Dow


2017 - 2018 School Year is 1/3 over!

Veteran's Day Assembly!
Friday, November 10 at 7:35 a.m.
7th/8th grade choirs performing in red/white/blue

8th Grade Performance!

Tuesday, November 14
6th Grade Orientation - at Summit Ridge
6:40 Call time - 6:50 performance in the Rain Forest Area
School clothes
Returning 7th grade choir members are welcome to join us but it is not required.

Tuesday, December 19 
9:00 off to Montessori Peaks Academy
10:15 head to Westridge Elementary
11:00 travel to SW Plaza Mall
11:30(ish) have lunch at the mall
12:30 Perform again
1:30 head back to Summit Ridge

Parents, in order for you to have plenty of time to prepare for the Fall concert, student  attire must include a black top with long sleeves, black slacks or skirt or a dress (long or just above knees), black shoes/socks for boys, black shoes
that are comfortable to walk in for girls.  No jeans or sweat pants please and NO tennis shoes unless they are completely black.  Dress shoes are preferred. 
I have a few pairs boys may borrow.
This concert is their final and counts for over 1/3 of their grade.   
Seventh and Eighth Grade choir students are required to participate!

Many thanks to Jade Santoro and Amy Adkins for heading up the bake sale and to all of you who made delicious items to sell!

I have an ortho...    
Often times students are pulled out of first hour for dental or medical appointments or even vacations.  We are always learning and preparing for our final concert and it hurts the whole choir when students are being pulled out.  End-of-the-day appointments are hard to come by but if you can make sure that your student is in class every day, it will make success happen!

Currently we are:
1. Performing, performing, performing!
2. Starting Christmas and Holiday music!

 Thank you for your great students!

  All-County selections are in!  We have 12 students participating!



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