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This Week's News

In Reading This Week:

 Focus this week: CVC words

 Trick word: to

  • This week we learned about CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant, i.e. c-a-t).
  • We practiced our tapping and blending skills with short CVC words by playing games like collect-a-coin and race to the pond. 
  • We practiced our knowledge of nonsense words by making up CVC nonsense words with dot markers. 

In Math This Week:

  • We played Alien Addition where we had to quickly match the right spaceship equation to the right answer.
  • We read the book Chicka-Chicka-1-2-3 and played a matching game that worked on our teen number identification.   
  • We worked on our teen numbers by making an equation 10+_=_ and used stickers to represent the numbers. Look in the Friday folder for these!
  • We played Sum Swamp which worked on our addition and subtraction skills. We were also introduced to even and odd numbers with this game!

In Writing This Week: 

  • We did a handwriting sheet practicing our new trick word, to.  Check for it in the Friday Folder.
  • We wrote in our journals about our favorite thing we did over break! 
  • We wrote a how-to book the rest of the week. Look in your child's Friday folder for their completed book! They are very proud of them.
  • Don't forget to write in your home journal over the break!

In Social Studies This Week:

  • We started a new Social Studies unit: Yours, mine and ours.
  • We made a list of items in the classroom: tables, backpacks, desks, computers, etc. Then we talked about personal and collective ownership. We noticed that most things in the classroom are collectively owned which means we have to learn to be really good at sharing everything.
  • Look in the Friday folder to see what your child chose to put for what they owned vs. what everyone owned.
  • We also talked extensively about sharing: how to share, how to ask, and that it is okay if someone says no when you ask them to share. 
  • We practiced good and bad ways to ask for permission. 

Second Step:

  • Second Step #15- Handling Waiting
  • We talked about how using our calming down steps can help manage feeling excited or impatient while waiting. 
  • We discussed finding quiet things to do that won't distract others and found that that helped us with waiting.
  • Please keep up with practicing:

*Letter formation and sounds: t, b, f, m, n, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, h, k, l, v, w, qu, z

*Read nightly to develop a love for reading. Read to your child, listen to him/her read, and make it a fun, family affair!

*Trick words: the, a, and, are, to

  • After we learn the trick word of the week, your child should be able to write and read that word. Help your child succeed at this by making flash cards for all of our sight words. Review these often so your child feels confident when these words appear in reading and writing!

*Homework will be an extension of what is learned in class, and will be communicated by the teacher via the class website. The homework assignments will be meaningful, purposeful, and aligned to classwork. We believe homework should be flexible in order to respond to the needs of the students. Therefore, you will not see the exact same assignments on a weekly basis. Some homework may be more skill based, where children are practicing the things they have learned to become more fluent in them (letter sounds, reading, sight words, counting) or to refine skills (letter formation, correcting errors noticed in class.) Other assignments are project based and involve taking our class learning to a place we couldn't in the classroom (individual timeline projects). If classwork is unfinished, that will be homework as well and you will see it in the child's Friday Folder. Thanks for helping your child set up routines for completing and valuing school assignments.


1/15 Martin Luther King Day-No school

1/16 Math hw due

         Book bag due

Notes From the Teacher

Quote of the week: "Ms. Tzeng, I don't know if you noticed but I have been giving out winks."-Oli

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