This Week's News

In Reading This Week:

 Focus this week: Middle Sounds

 Trick word: a

  • This week we focused on middle sounds in CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.  These middle sounds were all short vowels so we practiced listening closely since vowel sounds can sound similar.
  • We played games to practice this concept like BINGO, Roll and Read, and a board game.
  • We also practiced this concept with worksheets like Pigeon Pails worksheet and What's In The Middle worksheet.  Check the Friday Folder for these!
  • Practice tapping out short words at home (mop, hat, sit, etc)!  We also practice tapping out nonsense words for the DIBELS test (sug, miz, joz).

In Math This Week:

  • We took the Unit 2 test.  Look for these in the Friday Folder and review at home!
  • We did our math BUILD centers this week! 
  • We played Race to the Finish which practiced identifying teen numbers and how the quantity looks on ten frames.  
  • We counted sets and clipped a paperclip to the correct teen number. 
  • We found sets one-ten and colored them on a worksheet.  
  • We practiced subtraction using the strategy of crossing out.

In Writing This Week: 

  • We continued our writing centers.
  • We practiced our new trick word, a, on our handwriting page. We unscrambled a sentence with the trick word in it and used our best handwriting to copy the sentence and draw a picture to match.
  • We started the second chapter book in the dragon trilogy.  This one is called Elmer and the Dragon. The kids are so engaged in listening.  Reading a chapter book out loud at school (and at home) can lead to rich conversations!
  • We learned about How-To writing and how we use it to teach the steps to do something!  Watch for these books coming home soon!
  • We practiced our trick word knowledge and sound recognition on the iPad center.
  • Do your home journals for homework!

In Science This Week:

  • We continued our new science unit: Roll, Bounce and Spin.
  • We discussed how roller coasters use all sorts of the concepts of forces and motion we have discussed at science.  We worked in teams to design, build, problem solve, and create roller coasters.  Ask your child about the process!
  • Second Step:

    • Lesson 14: Calming Down Strong Feelings
      • Feelings vary in strength.
      • Feelings that are strong need to be managed.
      • Belly breathing calms down strong feelings.
      • Belly breathing pushes the belly out when you breath in.
  • Please keep up with practicing:

*Letter formation and sounds: t, b, f, m, n, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, h, l, k, v, w, x, y, z, qu

*Read nightly to develop a love for reading. Read to your child, listen to him/her read, and make it a fun, family affair!

*Trick words: the, a

  • After we learn the trick word of the week, your child should be able to write and read that word. Help your child succeed at this by making flash cards for all of our sight words. Review these often so your child feels confident when these words appear in reading and writing!

*Homework will be an extension of what is learned in class, and will be communicated by the teacher via the class website. The homework assignments will be meaningful, purposeful, and aligned to classwork. We believe homework should be flexible in order to respond to the needs of the students. Therefore, you will not see the exact same assignments on a weekly basis. Some homework may be more skill based, where children are practicing the things they have learned to become more fluent in them (letter sounds, reading, sight words, counting) or to refine skills (letter formation, correcting errors noticed in class.) Other assignments are project based and involve taking our class learning to a place we couldn't in the classroom (individual timeline projects). If classwork is unfinished, that will be homework as well and you will see it in the child's Friday Folder. Thanks for helping your child set up routines for completing and valuing school assignments.



12/10 No School- Modified Contact Day- sign up for testing slot

12/11 Math homework due

12/19 Bowling Field Trip

12/21 Winter Party/PJ day

1/9 Students Return

Quote of the Week

"We should make a how-to poster about how to be nice.  Some people need to work on their emotions!"- Simon

Wish List

Thank you Ishan, Sophia, Asa, Parker, and Jack for donating to our "Art Cart"!  It has been a hit all week!


Building Roller Coasters!