This Week's News

In Reading This Week:

 Focus this week: sequencing/retell

 Trick work: by and my

  • This week we reviewed sequencing and retell.
  • We played fun games like sequencing s'mores, build a sentence puzzles and mini book sequencing.
  • Look in the Friday folders for the yummy cookout worksheet, where we gave the kids the words: first, then, last as scaffolds to retell a picture story.

In Math This Week:

  • We did our BUILD centers
  • We played Go Fish partners of the. The kids had to ask for the partner of the number they had to make a match.  
  • We did shorter and longer worksheet where we were comparing different strips of paper that we cut! Look for these in the Friday folder.
  • We completed a light or heavy worksheet, where the kids had to sort pictures on whether they were heavy or light. Look for this in the Friday folder as well!
  • We played Dino true or false, where we looked at cards of partners that equaled ten. We had to sort the cards whether they were true or false. We had a recording sheet to make sure we looked at all the cards.
  • We worked in our math book on the greater or less than concept, and making groups equal by adding or subtracting a certain number.

In Writing This Week: 

  • We practiced our new trick words: my on a handwriting worksheet
  • We learned a first grade concept called TAPPT. This stands for: T-topic, A-audience, P-purpose, P-plan, and T-targets. We planned out all of our writing for the week with this planning tool.
  • We described snow, wrote about space day, and camping!

In Science This Week:

  • We wrapped up our science unit: Observing Patterns: Organisms.
  • We read the book, Pinchuli, and discussed animal body parts. Then in our journals we picked two animals and labeled all the body parts and differences in body parts.
  • We played the game where does it live in groups! We had different pictures of animals and we had to decide whether they lived in the desert, ocean, arctic, or rain forest.

Second Step:

  • Lesson 14: Calming Down Strong Feelings
  • Belly breathing calms down strong feelings.
  • Belly breathing pushes the belly out when you breathe in.
  • We were able to identify and demonstrate the calming down steps!
  • Please keep up with practicing:

*Letter formation and sounds: t, b, f, m, n, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, h, l, k, v, w, x, y, qu, z

*Read nightly to develop a love for reading. Read to your child, listen to him/her read, and make it a fun, family affair!

*Trick words: the, a, and, are, to, is, his, as, has, was, he, she, we, be, me, I, you, they, for, or, of, have, from, by, my

  • After we learn the trick word of the week, your child should be able to write and read that word. Help your child succeed at this by making flash cards for all of our sight words. Review these often so your child feels confident when these words appear in reading and writing!

*Homework will be an extension of what is learned in class, and will be communicated by the teacher via the class website. The homework assignments will be meaningful, purposeful, and aligned to classwork. We believe homework should be flexible in order to respond to the needs of the students. Therefore, you will not see the exact same assignments on a weekly basis. Some homework may be more skill based, where children are practicing the things they have learned to become more fluent in them (letter sounds, reading, sight words, counting) or to refine skills (letter formation, correcting errors noticed in class.) Other assignments are project based and involve taking our class learning to a place we couldn't in the classroom (individual timeline projects). If classwork is unfinished, that will be homework as well and you will see it in the child's Friday Folder. Thanks for helping your child set up routines for completing and valuing school assignments.



5/22 Circus Day

5/23 Zoo Field Trip- wear tennis shoes and bring a disposable lunch

5/24 Beach & Ice Cream Day (still need someone to sign up for popsicles!)

5/25 Last Day of Kindergarten- parents in classroom at 11:45, 12:00 school picnic, 1:00 dismissal

Wish List

Thank you so much, Liam, for getting us a new math game for centers!

Quote of the Week

"BEST DAY EVER!" - Jacob, about camp day

Space Day Star Lab!

Camp Day! Smores and campfire stories!