Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Jackson's 1st
Welcome to 1st Grade! 

Please take the time to periodically check this site to find important information about our classroom and ways you can help your child at home.  This year will be one filled with fun, excitement, and building foundations for learning.   

 What are we learning?
Reading- Establishing reading routines for read to self, read to a partner, and independent reading rotations 
Phonics-Reviewing short vowels and moving into blends 
Writing- Describing people, places, and things as well as reviewing sentence structure.   All sounds in all words, uppercase at the beginning, spaces between words, and punctuation at the end are some of our targets.  
Math- Number combinations up to 10, doubles, and number partners to 10 are some of the skills in the first math expressions unit.  
Social Studies-We are establishing norms and expectations for learning, working with partners, teams, and experiments.   

More about Me
I absolutely love teaching first grade! Every day is filled with wonder, excitement, and so much learning.   They are eager to learn, excited to please, and are at such an impressionable age. My goal is that your child not only is the best reader they can be by the end of the year, but also that I've instilled a deep love for learning in them.  
I've spent the past seven years in first grade but have also taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade.   My knowledge of where students are heading helps me to differentiate and challenge your child to keep progressing in their skills.   
Let's work as a team this year to help your child be successful. It's exciting to work with each family to help them love learning and reach their highest potential. My goal is to keep each day engaging and fun.   Always let me know if there is anything I can do to help accomplish your child's goals for the year.   

voicemail: 303-982-8316

1st Grade Schedule 
8:25-10:30 Reading (Phonics, Shared Reading, Guided Reading Groups, & Independent Reading Practice) 
10:30-11:30 Writing
11:35-12:25  Specials (3 week rotations wk. 1-art, wk. 2-music, wk. 3 PE) 
 12:30-1:10 Lunch/Recess
1:10-2:10  Math (Math Expressions)
2:15-3:00  Science/Social Studies 

3:15 Dismissal
Library checkout is every Friday. Merit Assemblies are also every Friday.  Please return Friday folders and Behavior folders each Monday morning. Homework is due on Thursday mornings.    

When I'm not busy in my classroom, my husband and I can be found in the mountains biking, hiking, or taking advantage of the all the fun that Colorado has to offer. Going on road trips or exploring different parts of the country are some other fun things we love to do together.  We spend lots of time with my entire family that relocated from Wisconsin over the past couple of years.   I love to read, connect with friends, and have recently started taking piano lessons again.