Unit 1: Creating a Culture of Readers
Reading Strategies to become a Proficient Reader
Unit 2: Delving Deeper into Characters

Character traits and why characters act the way they do.
Unit 3: Using Text Features to Understand Non-fiction text
Unit 4: Main Ideas and Details
  • In grade level text, authors use specific text features in order to convey their intended meaning- both implicitly or explicitly- and include features that organize text (bold type, captions, and charts)and aid in location(appendices, glossaries, and table of contents) of information
  • During the Nonfiction Part 1: Using Text Features to Understand the Texts unit of study, students will use text features to locate information as well as answer questions, and determine the main idea of a section and/or the entire text.  Thinking deeper about texts, students describe the purpose of the text features, as well as identify the author’s point of view. Scanning the text will be an important skill for students to employ as they overview and set expectations.
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