Week of May 22-25

Save the dates!

Tuesday, May 23rd...Field Trip to the Littleton Historical Museum.  Please come join us if you can for this wonderful trip.  This is always a great, relaxing experience at an historical farm (weather permitting) :)
Please send...
*a sack lunch with a drink
*a light jacket 
*sunscreen before you send them our way :)

May 25th...Field day and last day of school..... hard to believe!  Wear some sunscreen!  PLEASE SEND A SACK LUNCH WITH A DRINK FOR YOUR CHILD.  NO LUNCH WILL BE SERVED IN THE CAFETERIA.

To have a great week and hug those kiddos!

Please remember to send a healthy, quick, snack and a water bottle.  Water bottles may be left at school all week.  We'll do our best to send them home on Fridays.


Unit 5

This unit will revisit previously taught concepts as well as dive a little deeper into addition and subtraction.  While students will still use physical objects like counters to solve problems if needed, more practice with computation and equations will be explored.

The tricky teens continue!

We'll emphasize that teen numbers have one group of ten with extra ones that make up the number.  For example, 14 is one group of ten and four ones.

Letter identification and sounds.

We have introduced ALL of the lowercase and uppercase letters as well as the digraphs "th", "sh', "ch", "wh", and "ck".

"Tapping out" (sounding out) a word will be emphasized.  

"Trick words" will be formally introduced.  These are words which can't be "tapped out" such as "is".  It sounds like "i" and "z" if you try to tap it.

 Show & Tell:  

This week's topic:   No show and tell for the last week of school.
Monday:  Lucy, Tessa, Sullivan, Cody

Tuesday:  Isabelle, Ford, Eloise, Porter, Gary

Wednesday:  Ethan, Keaton, William, Stella, Kora

Thursday:  Ellie, Mason, Noah, Asher

Friday: Graham, Addie, Aubrey
Please sign up to volunteer if you'd like to and can:)

The sign up calendar is on my front door.  Just pick a day and write your name.  If someone else's name is already there, please pick another day.  The ideal time to volunteer is from 9:00 - 10:15 during our literacy rotations.

Thanks so much to those who have been able to come in.  Your help is very appreciated!  Please don't worry if you're not able to come in...
 Kindergarten Highlights 

We have begun working on... 

Three sentences (or more)
We will work on all previous skills as well as formulating a plan when we write.

We emphasize a capital letter in the beginning, spaces between words, and an end mark such as a period.

For now, I'm encouraging them to write what they hear (even if it's wrong:) just so they can develop confidence in their own abilities.  As sounds and letter formation solidifies, the correct letter will appear more often.  Correct spelling isn't emphasized at this point, except with the following sight words:  the, a, I, is
Specials Schedule

Monday - PE
Tuesday - Music
Thursday- Field day all day
School's out for summer!

Science and Social Studies:

Organisms....Living and Non-living
The chickens were fascinating to hatch and study.  We'll continue with this subject through our exploration of farm animals and life.