1st and 2nd Grade Information

First grade and second grade is such an exciting time in the music classroom. First grade will be doing a lot of music exploration and singing. I do like to use movement and music a great deal in the classroom because it is such a wonderful teaching tool for younger students. At Bear Creek K-8 we are very fortunate to have keyboards as part of our curriculum. Twice a year we will have keyboards in our classroom so that students may begin learning how to play the piano as well as reading music. 

Second grade will not only be doing keyboards but they have a musical in the Spring. Second grade will also begin learning recorders. We do sell recorders and books at the school Recorders are 5 dollars and books are 4 dollars. If you feel that you must purchase one, Please do not buy a recorder from Walmart, the Dollar store, Target and such because they do not play correctly and it will frustrate your child. Recorders will be used until 4th grade.