General Information

Ms. Hall 8th Grade Language and Literature
About our Class:

Welcome 8th Graders! I am excited to begin our journey together through Literature and Writing. 

We will begin our journey with our first unit on Perspective. I look forward to learning about your identity as well as our identity as learners, friends, and in our community. 

Please help me ensure your student is prepared. Students need to come EVERY DAY with a pencil. My classroom expectation is that if they can come with your cellphone, they can come with a pencil. 
It is a REQUIREMENT that all students have a folder for my class that contains loose leaf paper. Students needs this in order to stay organized as well as have a home for all of their classwork. 
Please contact me ASAP if you have any questions, concerns, or issues you need addressed. I check my email regularly and I am here to ensure your child's success in school.