Art Portfolio (Advanced Ceramics)

AP 3D Portfolio is due digitally via the College Board website by TDB- early May.

Art Portfolio *advanced ceramics* Course Description:

In this course you will further investigate ceramics process and techniques. As an Art Portfolio student, you will be creating a comprehensive portfolio (1 full year or 1 semester depending) exploring both breadth & depth in clay. Students will create a body of work based around a concept or theme and explore other methods of building to create a well-rounded portfolio of work. Reflection will become an integral part of your process and formal/informal critiques. You will be evaluated based on informal assessments, time on task, formal rubrics, sketchbook assignments, and written reflections.

Ceramics---> Intermediate Ceramics----> Art Portfolio (Advanced Ceramics) ----> AP 3D Design: Ceramics (full year with approval)

Art Portfolio= Students can take this Advanced level as many times as they wish & receive credit.



******Complete an “Inventory” sheet August 20, decide where to go from here.******

Project 1: Plans due by AUGUST 24

Piece should be completed (greenware) by SEPTEMBER 7

Project 2: Plans due by SEPTEMBER 14

Piece should be completed (greenware) by SEPTEMBER 21 <--- early release

Project 3: Plans due by SEPTEMBER 28

Piece should be completed (greenware) by OCTOBER 5

Project 4: Plans due by OCTOBER 11<------- This is a Thursday because of fall break

Piece should be completed (greenware) by OCTOBER 19

Project 5: Plans due by OCTOBER 26

Piece should be completed (greenware) by NOVEMBER 2<--- early release

Project 6: Plans due by NOVEMBER 9

Piece should be completed (greenware) by NOVEMBER 30

Project 7: Plans due by DECEMBER 7

Piece should be completed (greenware) by DECEMBER 14


  • Glazing: You are responsible for determining when the best time to glaze or finish your work will be. You can always take time to experiment, but please communicate with me!
  • Images: We will be able to take images during these days, but remember, LARGE work needs to be taken in the Photo Studio.
  • Artist Statement: All concentration work needs a clear & concise artist statement. We will begin to formulate them at this time. THINK: What direction do you want to go??

All artist statements will be due before SPRING BREAK 2nd semester.