Extra Credit

Throw a 6 inch tall cylinder...we will cut it open together... 6 points max based on craftsmanship - flat bottom, vertical walls and even thickness of walls.

Throw and trim a bowl to be cut open together... 6 points max based on craftsmanship and even thickness of walls.

Research a ceramic artists, technique, event or anything that inspires you, relating to ceramics, or visit an art gallery or art event and create 2 sketchbook pages to be shared with me in class for points and uploaded on to your website.... (remember all pages must include images, sketches and handwritten reflections)... 6 points

Studio Clean Up... schedule a time *must be schedule prior to the day you want to come in* during a free period (study hall ) Office Hours or Open Studio time to come by and help with studio maintenance/clean up... 6 points per period

Teach a Teacher!... Find a faculty member, teacher or coach to teach the process of ceramics! Use Open Studio one day and teach them how to wedge, center, open and pull! .... up to 15 points ***Does not apply during countdown time to final Bisque***

Be a star student!... If you need to make up over 10 points, you may *meet with me ahead of time* to commit to 5 consecutive days of working in the studio during Office Hours & Connections. If you have previous commitments, then that needs to be worked out ahead of time to get a full 5 days in a row of work time, as skipping a day, unannounced, will start your count over again..... possible 15 points.

Teach a Friend!... Teach a friend, who has not taken ceramics, how to throw (includes everything from wedging to cleaning up), trim (includes everything from wheel set up to trimming to clean up) and/or glazing (from sanding bisque ware to cleaning the foot) 5 Points per friend per technique. ***Does not apply during countdown time to final Bisque***

Make a website! Create a website for your ceramics, including your own images, videos and descriptions. .....15 points

Make a Video! Make a video to be used on my teacher website to help future students. This could be a fun entertaining video or a how to! The video should be about a minute long and serve as a teaching tool to future students. Reflect back on your own experience and make a helpful how to video for future potters! I would love to see a video explaining how we clean in the studio, how you wedge, throw, trim, glaze, maybe even tips for how future students can be successful. ...possible 15 points per video. *there must be a voice description included in the video*