Ms. DaLuz: 7th Grade Eastern Hemispheres 2018-2019

Rizzo and I would like to welcome you to 7th grade Social Studies on the Green Team.  
He wants you to know that over the last 23 years (eeeeeek) I have taught Pre-School, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (as well as a year teaching parenting classes to high school students).  Rizzo also wants you to know that my own three kids (his buddies Jake, Sierra, and Kirk) went to Summit, and they had such awesome experiences that I decided I wanted to go there too and joined the staff 11 years ago.  Last but not least, Rizzo would love it if you followed him on Instagram @meandrizzo.  
He's kinda a big deal on social media.

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