Ms. Cahill's Social Studies Class!

About Social Studies Class
7th Grade Social Studies class is Eastern Hemisphere studies. We will learn and think about how geography shapes civilizations. 

My email: 

-Writing utensils
-A binder specifically for social studies
-Loose-leaf paper
-Colored Pencils 
-Summit Ridge Agenda (provided in access)                              
-Headphones (for listening to videos during class) 
All these materials need to be brought to class every day. 

Expectations                                                                                       Apple the cat helping to grade your maps. 

Students will be held to the expectations detailed in the Summit Ridge Student Agenda. Cell phones must be turned off and left in your locker or at home. If students do not uphold the expectations, they will be given one verbal warning upon the first incidence, an after school detention on the second, and an office referral after parent contact and repeated instances.  


If students miss school, it is their responsibility to see what they've missed. Check our class calendar. If you click on the event, you will find a description of the day and any resources or documents if they are able to be posted. Students can absolutely come to see me during access or after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays after they've checked the website, if they have questions or need help. 

Late Work

Work turned in one day late will receive 70% credit and 50% credit after two days. Late work may only be turned in until the end of the unit; after that, it will not be accepted. 

Extra Help

Teachers are available for extra help on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:30. I can also be contacted by email. I love when students email to take responsibility for their own learning! 

Grade Book

We do our best to update the grade book in a timely manner. My grade book will definitely be updated weekly. If an assignment is blank, it means it hasn't been graded.  A zero indicates they didn't turn in an assignment by the end of the unit and will not receive credit. "Missing" means the assignment is missing but can be turned in for partial credit.