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Welcome to Ms. Cahill's Language Arts class! 
On this page you will find useful class information and documents. 

Language Arts Syllabus                                                                                                                                             

Email: kcahill@jeffco.k12.co.us                                


-Language Arts binder with loose leaf paper and dividers                                                                                          -Summit Ridge Agenda (will be provided in Access)                                                                                               -Writing utensils: pens, pencils, and highlighters                                                                                                      -Notebook                                                                                                                                                                   -Assigned books

These will need to be brought to class every day.


Students will be held to the expectations detailed in the Summit Ridge Student Agenda. Cell phones or other electronic devices are not to be used during class, unless for specific learning purposes approved by me. Additionally, all students are expected to be in their seat and working when the bell rings, if not, they will be marked tardy. If students do not uphold the expectations, they will be given one verbal warning upon the first incidence, an after school detention on the second, and an office referral after parent contact and repeated instances.  


In order to become better readers and writers, students need to be reading about 2 hours a week at home. Most of the time, books will be assigned to them, but they may also read anything they would like in addition to that. To ensure that students are reading, understanding, and engaging with their books, a weekly reading log and response will be assigned as homework. 

Additional homework will be assigned if students do not finish assignments in class. It is then their responsibility to finish as homework and bring it to the next class.


Our goal in this class is to learn and improve, so any writing assignment or test may be redone for full credit if it was turned in on time after the student meets with me for help after school.

Late Work

7 Burgundy wants to encourage students to be accountable and increase student communication with parents. As a result, students must turn in Late Work Passes with work that is turned in late for any reason (they were absent, they forgot, extenuating family circumstances, etc.) On this pass is a place for parents to sign to indicate they are aware of the late work. Late work will not be accepted without this pass, which can be found on the 7 Burgundy website and inside our classrooms. This helps us to keep track of why work is late and increase student communication with parents.

As an increased incentive for students to turn in work on time, work turned in one day late will receive 70% credit and 50% credit after two days. Late work may only be turned in until the end of the unit; after that, it will not be accepted. 

Extra Help

Teachers are available for extra help on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:30. I can also be contacted by email and voicemail. Class information, including some materials, can be found on my website.  

In the case of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to acquire the missing material and work. The website is a good place to start.