Who are you, really?

How would you respond to each of these situations?

Scenerio 1        You get a message request online from a stranger. "Hey! You seem like a fun person to hang out with. Let's have some fun together! Can you add me                          to your friends list?--Jason"

Scenerio 2        You get a text message on your cell phone from someone you don't recognize. "Hey, this is Jen! Remember me from the summer?"

Scenerio 3        After math class with Mrs. Beckstrom you get this message on your cell phone, "I'm Mark from your Math class with Mrs. Beckstrom. Did you                                        understand the homework?"

Scenerio 4        You get a message from someone you don't follow. "Hey! Love your posts, you're SO funny! Give me your phone number and we can talk more!"

Scenerio 5        You get a chat from someone with whom you aren't familiar. "I saw you in Math class today. U R CUTE! What is your address? I can come over 2                                   hang out."

Scenerio 6        You receive a message online. "Hey, I just met your friend Sam! She told me about you, would love to meet you. Want to meet at the park?"