Sixth Grade Learning Goal Unit 7

Learning Goal: I will sort and filter data in a database using Excel *Apply digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information.

Success Criteria:

I can enter a title, 'Data about Planets' and center and merge it.
I can give myself credit.
I can set up headings (planet, known moons, rotation period days, rotation period hours) for my columns.
I can research each of the planets to gather the necessary data needed to input into my spreadsheet.
I can input the data into the correct cells.
I can cut and paste the following questions into a text box, so that I can record my answers.
  1. Is the data for the remaining columns still correct? When the column for Planet was           sorted, what happened to the other columns data?
  2. Which 2 planets have the least moons? Which 2 planets have the most moons? What       happened to the data in the Rotation period columns?
  3. Which 2 planets have the shortest rotation periods? Longest?
  4. Which planets have shorter rotation periods than 17.9 hours? 
I can sort the data by moons and respond to question two.
I can sort the data by rotation period by days and respond to part of question three.
I can sort the data by rotation period by hours and respond to the rest of question three.
I can filter the data to find planets whose rotation period is shorter than 17.9 hours and respond to question four.
I can resize and adjust the placement of my text box.
I can preview my document to ensure that my work is pleasing to the eye and all fits on one page.
I can get feedback from my tech support team and with their okay I can print one copy of my document.

Challenge: Input the data for the students sitting in your row (name, gender, age, hair color, eye color). Use the knowledge you learned above to sort and filter the data to respond to the following questions: What is the ratio of boys to girls? How many students in your row are older than 11? What hair color do the majority of the students in your row have? What eye color do the majority of students in your row have? How many boys are 11?