First Grade Learning Goals Unit 7

Learning Goal: I will create a product that creatively shows my understanding of the five senses using multiple digital tools. *Demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

Success Criteria:

I can open a new tab and type a web address into the address bar to get to my intended website. The website I want to visit is

I can read and think about what would make sense for me to click in order for the camera to work.

I can use my creativity to responsibly select an effect to take a respectful photo of myself.

I can save my picture to my H: drive and name it 'My 5 Senses'.

I can use lines and text to label (see, taste, touch, smell, hear) each of the five senses I use.

I can add a title to my work.

I can preview my work and ask my tech support team for feedback to make my work even better.

I can print one copy of my finished product.