Fifth Grade Learning Goals Unit 5

Learning Goal: I will manually create a timeline using a scatter bar chart in Excel. *Apply digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information.

Success Criteria:

I can enter a title <Milestones of the Revolutionary War> that is center and merged.                                                        

I can give myself credit.

I can add the headings (date, description, timeline) into row 3.

I can input a minimum of six key milestones that led up to the Revolutionary War into column B.

I can input the correlating date of each milestone into column A.

I can input plotting points into column C to adjust the height of each milestone being represented on the timeline.

I can add the milestones to the dates on my timeline.

I can insert a title for my timeline.

I can manually add a line to connect all of my milestones.

I can use EasyBib to cite my source(s).

I can change my layout to landscape and adjust the layout because I know that appearance matters.

I can get feedback from my tech support team and print one page.

Challenge: Manually create a timeline about a topic of your choosing (ie about yourself, your favorite sports team, a different topic in history). Are you able to meet the goal without depending on the screencasts for support?