Second Grade Learning Goals Unit 5

Learning Goal: I will choose a minimum of 8 kinds of fruit to put in a smoothie and create a spreadsheet and bar graph using Google Sheets to show my selection. *Apply digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information.

Success Criteria:

I can sign in to my Jeffco Google account and open up Google Sheets

I can merge and center the title of my spreadsheet '<insert your name> Fruit Chart' 
I can apply a new font color, font size and font style to my title.

I can input each of the fruit items into a cell beginning at cell A2 and continuing to at least cell A9.  
I can input the number of fruits needed into the B cells that are located next to the fruit listed.                                                                                    

I can highlight the cells and insert a bar graph.
I can preview my print and troubleshoot any issues with the layout prior to printing.
I can get feedback from my tech support team and with their okay, I can print.
Challenge: Create a bar graph representing the number of classes Powderhorn has at each grade level.