Fifth Grade Learning Goals Unit 4

Your Mission: You have been given a $100.00 gift card to purchase items for one boy or one girl, that is your age and is in need of clothes. A pair of shoes must be purchased and a minimum of two outfits. Tax is included in the price of the clothes.

Learning Goal: I will critically think about the most effective way to budget my allowance and use Excel or Google Sheets* to create a spreadsheet and pie chart displaying my spending. *Apply digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information.

*Screencasts are not available for students choosing to use Google Sheets. If you are an experienced Excel user, I recommend using Google Sheets to see how your skills transfer. If you are new to using digital spreadsheets, I recommend beginning with Excel and utilizing the screencasts.

Success Criteria:
I can open a new spreadsheet in Excel by double clicking on the Excel icon.                                                     Screencast for adding the $ symbol                                 
I can enter my chart title and "merge and center" it.
I can apply a new font color, font size and font style to my title.                                                                           Screencast for Troubleshooting     
I can use the shopping chart to select clothing items that meet the guidelines listed in the mission above.
I can set up my spreadsheet with my keywords and labels.            
I can use the sum function to calculate the total expenses from a column of values (clothing expenses).       
I can use a simple formula to calculate money left over (allowance - total expenses).
I can setup a spreadsheet to look similar to the example below and create a pie chart representing only the expenses.     
I can have my tech support team provide me feedback about whether or not I have met the learning goal.
I can print my completed work.                                                                                                                                                                   

Challenge: How would your shopping change if you were given an allowance of $150.00, but need to shop for one boy and one girl? Create a spreadsheet and a chart to display your thoughts.