Second Grade Learning Goals Unit 4

Learning Goal: I will utilize technology to share my writing and to receive/provide growth producing feedback. *Use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

Success Criteria:
I can log on to my Google Docs account.                                                                                        Screencast for starting a new document
I can start a new (blank) document.
I can change the font face to Comic Sans MS.                                                                                Screencast for adding a title
I can change the font size to 12.
I can use Tab to indent my paragraphs.
I can use my keyboarding skills to efficiently and accurately type my personal narrative.                Screencast for sharing my document
I can add a title to my story that is centered with a bold font and a font size of 16.
I can use Google Drawings to make a picture that matches my story while I wait for a partner.       Screencast for commenting with growth producing feedback
I can share my document with a peer to get feedback by giving them commenting rights. 
I can use 'I notice' and 'I wonder' as sentence starters to provide my partner with growth producing feedback.
I can reflect on the feedback my partner gave me and revise my writing to make my story even better.
I can share my newly revised document with a new partner and get even more growth producing feedback.
I can add either my Google drawing or search for an image to add to my story.
I can share my story with Mrs. Barlow at