Fifth Grade Learning Goals Unit 3

Learning Goals: I will use a digital comic strip to demonstrate resolutions for digital dilemmas, so that others can be better digital citizens. *Advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology

Success Criteria:

I can watch Super Digital Citizen and identify three ways Arms helped Guts be a more safe, respectful and responsible digital citizen.
I can use Google Docs or Word to brainstorm ideas for possible scenarios caused by digital dilemmas.
I can add to my plan by brainstorming various attributes/powers a fictional Super Digital Citizen Hero would possess.
I can name my Superhero (ie Dynamic Digital Dave, Cyber Safe Sally, the Upstander).
I can create a comic strip that illustrates a problem that could happen in the digital world and is resolved by a digital superhero using the website Pixton.
I can use my Jeffco Schools account to log in to Pixton. The Pixton website is
I can complete the tutorial on how to use Pixton.
I can update my account settings to protect my digital identity.
I can choose a layout appropriate for my comic.
I can select a background.
I can select characters and change their color, emotions and body language.
I can add a title.
I can add talk bubbles.
I can read through my comic to make sure it is in sequential order, makes sense, has proper punctuation and that it teaches a lesson.
I can ask my tech support team for feedback about my comic strip.                                      
I can use PrintScreen to copy my comic strip into Paint. In Paint, I can crop my work and add my name.
        *Be creative and add a prop to your comic strip.
I can print my work and allow others to learn from my creativity.