Third Grade Learning Goals Unit 4

Learning Goals Unit 4

Learning Goal: I will use Publisher to communicate with others the importance of being a safe, respectful and responsible Digital Citizen. *Advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology

Success Criteria:
I can create a flyer that communicates what I consider to be the four most important aspects of being a safe, respectful and responsible digital citizen.
I can open Publisher by double clicking the Publisher icon and select the template that matches my needs.
I can insert text boxes and delete parts of the template that I do not want in my final product.
I can change the font face, size and color.
I can change the size of an image.
I can use technology to assist me in correcting my spelling.
I can name my file: Digital Citizen Tips
I can open my file using the shortcut Ctrl O or by clicking on File and dropping down to click on Open.
I can email my flier as an attachment to 
I can close out of Publisher by clicking on the x.