First Grade Learning Goals Unit 4

Learning Goals Unit 4

Learning Goal: I will protect my privacy online and be respectful to myself and others. *Advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology

Success Criteria:
I can click on the link above and watch Hippo and Hedgehog in Cyber Five.
I can take the quiz to show my understanding of being safe on the Internet.
I can use the Cyber Five to help me make smart choices online that will keep me safe.
I can open Word by double clicking on the W icon.
I can use Word to make a sign that will teach other digital citizens about one of the Cyber Five rules.
I can choose one of the Cyber 5 rules and type it in my Word document.
I can use clipart to enhance the lesson being taught on my sign.
I can ask my tech support team for feedback to help make my sign even better.
I can use Ctrl S or click on the blue floppy disk to save my file.
I can name my file: Cyber Safety.
I can open my file using Ctrl O or by clicking on File and then clicking on Open.
I can close out of Word using the X.