Fourth Grade Learning Goals Unit 4

Learning Goals: I will gather data using digital tools and use the information to form conclusions. *Apply digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information

Help Mrs. Barlow collect data about 4th graders. Click here!

Success Criteria:
I can log on to the computer using my username and password.                                                                      
I can sign into Jeffco Google Docs.                                                                                        
I can open and build a survey using Google Forms.  
I can take a tour to familiarize myself with Google Forms.                                                                                                     
I can collect data about fourth grade students.
        Examples of types of information I could collect:
            *technology (how much time do they spend using it? do they have their own phone? apps they use? websites? purpose?)
            *education (number of schools attended? favorite subject? favorite grade? amount of time spent on homework?)
            *interests (musical instrument? sport? color? tv show? app? book?)
            *choose a topic you are curious about or interested in learning more about other fourth graders
I can create a minimum of eight questions using a variety of formats (multiple choice, true/false, scale, check boxes, choose from a list, etc.)
I can determine the most effective question type based on the information I am trying to gather.                                                                               
I can include the purpose of the survey in the form description.
I can choose an appropriate theme.                                                                                                                                                                            
I can determine appropriate form settings to ensure I reach my intended audience.
I can send my form to others.
I can provide data to others by checking my email and completing their Google Forms.
I can view my responses and a summary of my responses to draw conclusions based on the data I collected.    

Challenge: What are some examples of when an image or video might be beneficial for a question? Add additional questions to your Google form requiring images and/or video.