Learning Goals Unit 3

Learning Goal: I will protect my privacy online and be respectful to myself and others. *Advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology

Internet Safety Video

Success Criteria:

I can log on to the computer using my username and password.
I can play Privacy Playground to increase my understanding of how to be safe online.
        After I earn 5 stars and finish Privacy Playground, I can open a blank Google Doc and type as many    
       important tips as I can about being a safe, respectful and responsible digital citizen.
I can keep my password secret.
I can always ask an adult if I am allowed to go online.
I can protect my privacy by not sharing personal information online.
I can get help from an adult if I am being cyber bullied.
I can visit websites that are a good fit for me.
I can make sure I only talk to people that I know online.
I can pause and think before I ever post or publish anything online.
I can use my Google Doc as a resource and make a crossword puzzle to help teach others how to be safe, respectful and responsible digital citizens.
I can exchange crossword puzzles with my tech support team and complete the puzzle.
I can log off my computer to protect my digital footprint.