6th Grade Learning Goals Unit 3

Learning Goal: I will understand that positive and not-so-positive consequences can occur from my choices and decisions I make within my daily digital life. *Digital Citizen

Success Criteria:

I can choose to have a digital footprint that makes me proud.
I can click here to go to the website for Digital Campus.
I can think about what would make the most sense to click and be able to get started.
    *Please remember when creating a username to not include any personal information
    *Create a username that you will remember
I can click on a character in one of the letters to begin a story.
        *The expectation is for you to choose a different character each class period.
I can gain a better understanding of the dilemmas that can occur using technology.
I can select different choices/decisions to see how those choices can change the outcome (each story has 50 possible combinations).
I can click "skip" to bypass the scenes I have already watched and to jump to the next decision point.
I can click the progress map to review where I am, where I have gone and where else I might want to explore.
 *working towards the standard 79% or less progress    
   *meeting the standard 80%-89% progress
   *exceeding the standard 90%-100% progress
I can earn three badges for completing all of the possible story outcomes.
I can click 'play the game' to show my understanding of the best coarse of action I should take in my own digital life.
*Game scores and times are recorded on your scorecard
*You may play the game multiple times to try and get 100%

I can use the "home" icon in the upper right hand corner to exit a story or choose a new character's story.
I can explain my new learnings and share why it is important to know this information.