5th Grade Learning Goals Unit 2

Learning Goal: I will utilize technology to communicate new information and to receive/provide growth producing feedback. *Use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

Success Criteria:
I can log on to my computer using my username and password.
I can copy a URL for my presentation.
I can share my URL via the Google Form below.
I can read/view a presentation, reflect about what I liked and what could make it better, and effectively respond to the creators using technology.
I can compose an email to provide growth producing feedback about the presentations for my peers.
        1. "I notice..."(something you notice is enhancing the presentation or is included that shows how the students are meeting the learning goal)
        2. "I wonder..."(something you wonder about being changed or added to make the presentation even better)
I can open emails that are in my inbox.
I can read and reflect (with my partner) on the feedback provided to us.
We can respond by going back and making changes to our presentation to make it even better.
I can sign out of the website(s) I am currently logged into and close out all websites.
I can log out of my computer to keep my digital footprint safe.

Mrs. Beard's Class 2017

Mrs. Friederich's Class 2017

Mrs. Hickey's Class 2017

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