6th Grade Learning Goals Unit 2

Online Research Tips


Google Tricks


Learning Goal: I will apply new strategies to conduct effective and efficient online searches. *Knowledge constructor

Success Criteria:                                                                                                                                
I can understand the importance of using a variety of search strategies.                                         
I can learn to create and execute a five step plan for conducting an online search.
I can read, reflect and apply the strategic searching tips to my own searches.
I can practice identifying keywords by dragging words into the proper category in the Keyword Challenge.
I can apply the strategic searching tips to effectively and efficiently search for the answers to fill out this Google Form.
I can collaborate with 2-3 other students to apply the strategic searching tips to effectively and efficiently complete the Strategic Searching Challenge.
We can use our creativity to collaborate making a presentation/sales pitch (Powtoon, Google Slides, ThingLink, PowerPoint, Website, etc) that will convince the "company" to choose our location. You have 2 classes to work on this.
We can view the suggestions other groups have submitted and be prepared to vote for the location that will best meet the company's needs.
I can show what I know by completing this online assessment about conducting effective and efficient online searches.

Challenge: I can apply the strategies and solve the Google a Day questions.


Employee Appreciation Location Recommendation--Holtz


Employee Appreciation Location Recommendation--Rodriguez

Employee Appreciation Location Recommendation--Rutledge