4th Grade Learning Goals Unit 3

Learning Goals: I will demonstrate proficient use of a word processing tool and apply my reasoning skills to support my thinking with evidence. *Empowered Learner

Success Criteria:
I can log into my Jeffco Google account.
I can open the shared document, Fourth Grade Unit 3 and make a copy of it.
I can rename the copy Unit 3-(first name and last initial).
I can read the article and recognize that it needs editing.
I can suggest the edits that need to be made to the article.
I can share my suggested edits with a partner.
I can open my partner's shared document and either accept or reject the suggestions provided.
I can communicate with my partner to compare our two edited pieces of work and print my edited piece of work to turn  into Mrs. Barlow.
I can go to The New York Times, The Learning Network, by clicking What's Going on in this Picture?
I can choose a picture that I want to examine and open it.
I can look closely at the picture and capture everything I see in a new blank Google Doc.
I can use the notes to help me write my first paragraph.
    *My first paragraph should describe what the photo is about and provide evidence to show why I am making the inferences that I am.
I can scroll down (below the photo to where it says "Update") to read what is actually happening in the picture.
I can open a new tab and look up any terms or vocabulary that I am unfamiliar with in the article to help me better understand.
I can write a second paragraph summarizing what is actually going on in the picture.
I can write a third paragraph that compares and contrasts what I originally thought, to what the photo is actually representing.
I can insert the photo into my document and resize it so that it all fits on one page.
I can share my writing with a partner to get editing suggestions and feedback.
I can make editing suggestions and provide feedback to my partner about their writing.
I can accept or reject the editing suggestions and make changes to my writing to make it even better.
I can give my document a header with my name.
I can print one copy of my writing and turn it in to Mrs. Barlow.
I can read* the comments that other people around the world have made about the photo. *I will only read the comments, I will not be posting comments to the site.