3rd Grade Learning Goals Unit 2

Learning Goals: I will personalize my Google account and communicate with the use of email. *Use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.
Success Criteria:
I can log on to the computer using my username and password. 
I can set up my @jeffcoschools.us Google account.  
    1. Left click on the Jeffco Google Docs bookmark.                     
    2. Type in your username@jeffcoschools.us and click Next
    3. Type in your password and click Sign In
    4. After reading the Terms and Conditions, click Accept
5. Left click Let's Get Started   
I can check my email.


I can send an email about my problem solving strategies to my technology support team.
I can open an email.
I can read, reflect and reply to an email (use the I notice... and I wonder... sentence starters).


I can organize my documents by creating new folders and moving documents into the folders.                  


I can add an image (Tagxedo adj) to my profile.
   1. I can click on Google Apps.                                                                            
   2. I can click on Mail.
   3. I can click on Settings.
   4. I can scroll down to Settings and click again.                                                   Screencast for troubleshooting image upload
   5. I can use the scroll bar to scroll down to My Picture.
   6. I can upload an image and select it as my profile picture.

I can use Google Apps to navigate myself around my Google account.
I can sign out of my Google account to protect my digital citizenship.
I can safely log off my computer to protect my digital footprint.