2nd Grade Learning Goals Unit 2

Second Grade Learning Goals Unit 2

Learning Goal: I will collaborate with my peers to create a slide presentation. *Create original works as a means of personal or group expression 

Success Criteria:

I can log on to the computer using my username and password.      
I can login to Jeffco Google Docs.
I can click on Google Apps and click on Drive.
I can click on Shared with me to see files/documents that have been shared with me.
I can open a document by double clicking it.
I can locate my slide.
I can use the toolbar to personalize my slide.
I can add a heading to my slide.
I can click on Animals A-Z to search for images of animals that begin with my letter.
I can begin clicking on words with "my letter" and browsing the images that begin with "my letter."
I can use the back arrows to navigate between screens on a website.
I can copy an image by selecting the image and right clicking.
I can paste an image into our Google Slide presentation by either right clicking or clicking CTRL+V.
I can click on an image and change the size of the image with my mouse (bigger or smaller).                            
I can label my pictures/images.                                                                                                
I can add transitions and animations that add to the presentation (not distract).
I can provide growth producing feedback to my peers by commenting on their slide.                            
I can use the feedback I receive from my peers to make my slide even better.
I can sign out of Google Docs because I am a responsible digital citizen.                                   
I can log off my computer to protect my digital footprint.