First Grade Learning Goals Unit 2

Learning Goal: I can use a word processing program and include images to inform others. *Create original works as a means of personal or group expression 

Success Criteria:

I can log on to the computer using my username and password.                                                                            
I can double click on Microsoft Word and create a new document.
I can change the font face (Comic Sans MS) and font size (28).
I can use one space in between my words.
I can hold down the Shift key to make an uppercase letter.
I can select "my letter" and make it bold.
I can click on Picture Dictionary to search for words and images that begin with my letter.
I can click "my letter" and begin looking at words and images that begin with "my letter."
I can copy an image by selecting the image and right clicking.
I can paste an image onto my Word document by either right clicking or clicking CTRL+V
I can click on an image and change the size of the image (bigger or smaller).
I can label my pictures/images.
I can challenge myself to search for images by clicking OpenClipart and typing in a word to find more images for my Word document.
I can save my work by clicking on the picture of the disk or using the shortcut Ctrl-S
I can open a file I have saved by clicking open on the drop down bar or using the shortcut Ctrl-O
I can log off my computer to protect my digital footprint.